Company strategy


The basic idea of MACE FOODS is to produce dehydrated spices, vegetables, herbs and few collateral products for export Mace Foods exploits the availability of agricultural land and own production know how in Kenya. The company wants to control the full supply chain from the seeds through agricultural production, processing, logistics up to the delivery into the customer’s warehouse.
We produce with small, medium and large scale farmers depending on the product to be produced.

Mace Foods also works with institutions, NGOs, farmers Associations, Research faculties and many other partners who fit into our strategy.

Mace Foods produces and exports in bulk to industrial food manufacturers and wholesalers/importers as well as packed products for retailers for domestic market ad export.

Mace Foods is the market leader in Europe of African Bird’s Eye chillies premium grade, a top product for high quality conscious customers.

Mace Foods believes in customer satisfaction. The benefits of trading with us are:

  • First class quality at reasonable prices
  • Natural sun-dried products without preservatives and additives
  • Excellent customer services by MACE FOODS team
  • Fair Trade means that every kg you buy goes to helping poor farmers