Mace Foods Ltd

Certifications & Policies

Mace Foods is HACCP SANS 10330: 2020 certified having met  the requirements for a food safety system based on prerequisite programs and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Pints principles.

Quality policy statement

To consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We support a total commitment to quality through an effective combination of design, process control, sanitation, production, compliance and reliability of our products and systems.

Policy for fair trade and corporate social responsibility

In line with its Policy on sustainability Mace Foods is committed to supporting, promoting, and using Fair Trade goods.

To achieve this, Mace Foods will obtain and maintain Fair Trade status, as defined by the Fair-Trade Foundation, and thus commits itself to the three principles as laid down by the Foundation.

  • Principles of trading relationships.
  • Principles of employment within Mace Foods.
  • Principles concerning work with producers

Environmental Management Policy

Mace Foods Ltd is committed to enhancing environmental management standards identification of her pollutants, and use of efficient cost-effective, and effective treatment methods to enhance statutory environmental standards, and will endeavor to continuously improve staff awareness of the impact on the environment to meet the company’s social and other environmental responsibilities.

Mace Foods is ISO 14001:2015 certified having met Environmental Management Systems requirements with guidance for use.

Gender Equality Policy

Mace Foods is committed to creating an inclusive community where all staff, suppliers and other stakeholders in our business are equally respected and valued and enjoy equity of both opportunity and outcomes.

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