Mace Foods Ltd

Our Products

Chillies and By-Products

All our chilli products are available in retail and bulk packages. We offer flexible packaging options starting from 1Kg, 5Kg, 20Kg and maximum 30Kg bags

African Leafy Vegetables

We process and market several varieties of African leafy vegetables for domestic & Export clients. We aimed to bridge the demand and supply gap between rainy and dry seasons as well as provide a high-quality, hygienic, nutritious option on the table

Vegetables for Schools & Institutions

Promoting Healthy Choices for Children & Youth

In the interest of healthy living, we at Mace Foods advocate for healthy food choices for our consumers. 

We serve safe, convenient, cost friendly, segregate and nutritious assorted vegetables ranging from Managu (Black Nightshade), Saga (Spider Plant), Kunde (Cow Pea leaves), Dodo (Common Amaranth), Mrenda (Jute Mallow), shredded Sukuma wiki (African Kale), Cabbage and Carrots.
Our products are tailored to meet the client’s preference, capacity, budget and ratio.

Our pre-cooked, dehydrated vegetables have a 2 year shelf life thus eliminating the need for refrigeration. We make stock monitoring for institutions easy and give insights to aid in proper and accurate budgeting. Our consumers are therefore protected from feeling the pinch of price changes in times of scarcity.

We take pride in our vast experience in sustaining the vegetable market for over a decade.

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